Buying – My service is Free

Buying a home can be a real minefield.

As a purchaser trawling through TradeMe or, questions are continuously rearing their heads. It can be a confusing mess with too little information and too much pressure on making the right call.

Deadlines, auctions, price by negotiation… It’s all smoke and mirrors and enough to put you off a dream home.

A huge part of my business is to help alleviate these stresses and make the process as smooth as possible for those looking to purchase in Christchurch. Using my service is 100% free and saves you getting bombarded from numerous agents after a weekend trudging around open homes. Best of all, you’ll be able to make an informed and educated decision.

Our legal friends in the property team at Cavell Leitch have put together a very nice buyers guide for any prospective purchaser. This is a great resource that covers the legal aspect of any real estate transaction.

Download the Buyers Guide here

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